Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Why Should You Use Tempurpedic Mattress

Every Human being aspires for sound and undisturbed sleep after hectic activities all day. A sound sleep makes you very refreshing and energetic in the morning. It only indicates that your body is ready for taking that day’s work load. It was a big challenge to the business world to come out with a viable solution for the sleepless community until they discovered Tempurpedic Mattress.

The questions are that what special this tempurpedic mattress has? Why it is so special? Why anyone in the world recommends it?

From 1966 to until 1995 lot of research took place until NASA recognized Tempurpedic Mattress since it incorporated NASA’s technology. What is this technology is all about? The mattress has facility to distribute the temperature across the entire bed wherever body pressure is felt. It has an elasticity which provides firmness throughout the mattress. This flexibility allows easy air flow and restructure with the shape and temperature of the body. This floating air flow distributes unique comfort as it pass through body’s shape and its pressure. This unique feature is felt as if they were floating with much ease and urges them to have fast asleep. This floating experience gives entire body a unique feeling of alignment pertains to orthopedic. As the pressure are released when you wakeup from your bed it takes its original form.

When Tempurpedic Mattress are used continuously due to the features incorporated in the mattress the people’s blood circulation level improves thereby provides remedy to their life long ailment of headache, backache, body stiffness, pains in the neck and abnormality due sleeping disorders. When people realized the benefits of using this tempurpedic mattress the world’s attention was drawn towards this mattress.

The Tempurpedic Mattress’s major advantages are being felt in the medical fraternity and was well received by them. The advantages felt are like bed ridden patients felt relief due to adjustment that can be done either by manually or by automatic. The leg swelling receded when the mattress were kept in elevated position, back pain got eased, bed soreness got receded, cleaning of patients became much easier, most of the stomach related issues got resolved due to sound sleep as digestion process increased. The adjustability of this tempurpedic mattress is boon to several medically challenged resources like elderly persons, disabled persons and for the invalid users irrespective of nature of their handicap.

As a matter of fact for infant and growing children the usage of Tempurpedic Mattress plays a significant role. The warmth produced by the uniform temperature propels infant fast asleep and sound sleep to the growing children. The grown up children who used this mattress found their growth were enormous owing to undisturbed sleep, optimized blood circulation thereby increased their participation in all sports and talent activities inside and outside school. The small kid’s activities were just uncontrollable due to the briskness shown by them since they had undisturbed sleep.

It was apparent that when conventional mattress were used by a husband and wife the very mild movement of one partner is felt and thereby disturbed both partner’s sleep. Whereas this concern has been addressed while designing this Tempurpedic Mattress since the air is circulated wherever pressure is created the motion is not transferred to the area where pressure is not felt hence there were disconnect between partner’s body movement hence both will not feel any disturbance during their deep sleep.

By: Frank Kittaneh

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