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Trane Air Conditioning

If you are looking for a quality air conditioner, then Trane air conditioning units are one of the leaders in their field. They manufacture units for residential and commercial use. James Trane is the founder of the company. He came to the United States from Norway in 1864. A plumber by trade, he opened his own store in 1885 in Wisconsin. From the very beginning, he was known for providing good service and quality.

At the beginning, the company was not involved in Trane air conditioning units. They kept the plumbing aspect of the business open until around 1915 when they concentrated on heating products such as low-pressure steam heating units. James' son Reuben who was a mechanical engineer was heavily involved in the progress of the company. During World War II, the company was involved with the US Navy in providing the technology to keep pace with the German war ships. The main component they assisted with was providing the navy ships with a heat exchanger, which proved to be a very important advancement in naval engineering.

During the late fifty's, Trane air conditioning units hit the residential market. This was a major addition to their product line. During the sixties, the company expanded their operation around the world. The majority of their business focused on the large commercial and industrial units.

Every Trane air conditioning unit is manufactured with high quality parts just as its founder James Trane would have expected. Window air conditioners are almost a necessity in some parts of the world now. Many people could not live without them. This increased usage and dependence on these machines is very taxing to the electrical grid. Many of the larger cities have rolling blackouts during the hot summer months to conserve power. Air conditioners have a huge impact on the system.

Most major department stores and big box home centers sell Trane air conditioning units along with many other brands. When searching for a good unit, make sure you gather as much information as possible on the machines within your budget. A good warranty is a necessity.

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by D. Karlson

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