Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Tips On Home Theater Painting

In building a home theater, it is home theater painting that most people neglect. Movie lovers select the most expensive equipment and amplifiers, state-of-the-art speakers and sound system, most comfortable seats, and all other accessories. What most people don't know is how painting affects the colors and images on screen. This makes it an important aspect to consider if one seeks to achieve the ultimate home cinema experience.

Home theater painting would involve the walls and ceiling. A wide-screen or flat-screen plasma TV or any model of superior quality is the best that you can have. Once you've decided on a television set, it is time to choose the paint for the walls and ceilings.

Choose dark-colored, flat or matte-finish paint. Never use glossy paint, as it reflects light from the screen. When walls are flat and non-reflective, the colors from your screen look clearer and more vivid. While black is the ideal choice, the idea of a black room is ghastly. Some choose red or plum tones, while others prefer neutral colors like brown and tan. The idea is to keep the room dark and light reflection minimal.

Also do not choose paints and products like vinyl wallpaper that block vapor. Instead of allowing the walls to "breathe", these products act as vapor barrier, so moisture condenses and stays on the wall, causing the paint to chip off or deform.

Before painting, it is important to prepare the wall. Repair holes or cracks with Spackle or plaster, then scrape off or sand uneven surfaces. After repair, apply a primer on the surface. The wall should now be ready for painting.

With these tips at hand, you will discover that home theater painting is important as it is easy. By choosing the kind and color of paint, and applying it properly, you are able to enhance your viewing pleasure. So visit your local hardware store and choose from the wide variety of paint colors. Your dream home theater is just a few paint strokes away!

By: Tim Lee

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